We adopt concentration to create value in this complicated generation.

繁複世代 我們用專注創造價值


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Pen dotting with light ink smudge, as a spirit brightens withmiracle.

筆點 墨輕 如靈光氣韻



LESMOR , Less is more.


『Less is more』是我們的創意設計理念,在極簡的設計中,看見深層的價值。


2007年 來自台灣的創意人,於上海找到發揮的舞台。我們歷經大公司的洗禮與打手市場的考驗,擅於構思跨領域的創意企劃。配合數位技術,藝術演繹等實力執行團隊的創新合作,我們總能跳脫傳統公式,帶給您經驗外的夢想計畫!

從台灣到大陸 在北京至上海

2007年誕生於上海,立足中國瞭望世界,深入奢侈品及精品市場營銷領域的特長,在熟悉國際市場且明瞭中國消費形態的優勢下,專注細節的呈現和執行力的精準掌握。 以年輕且精緻的團隊凝結旺盛的創造力和企圖心,超脫及靈動的表現來實現創意和執行力,讓市場因我們這股血液的注入而更加活力!

In 2007, LESMOR was founded in China Shanghai. We hope to offer a platform that assembles creative talents, looking for innovative solutions for each client, providing whole new aspect following by brand character, and keeping a good relationship with our clients.

『Less is more』is the design idea of our creativity, fromthe simplest design to dig the profound value.

Shanghai, a city fuses the styles and features at all times and in all over the world.
LESMOR , a fantastic team mixed cross-domain creativities.

In 2007, the creative people from Taiwan found a stage torealize their dream. We have experienced a baptism and challenges from markets, and the cross-field creative planning is what we are adept at. With digital technologyand art deduction executive team, we can always jump off the tradition, bringing you to experience the project beyond the dream!

From Taiwan to China. From Beijing to Shanghai.

LESMOR was born in Shanghai in 2007, based on China and looking around the world through the luxury and boutiquemarket. With the advantages of knowing internationalmarket and Chinese consuming structure, we are focusing on the detail appearance and accurate grasp of execution. Use young and delicate team to cohere vigorous creativity and ambition; outstanding and smart performance to achieve creative and execution. Let the market becomemore vitality because of us!

Concentration, Professional


Shaping the overall brand image, provide more features and is different from the self-image of the market norm interpretation.

Inspire, Inspiration


In the brand's own characteristics, the integration of spatial thinking and contemporary way to achieve three-dimensional rendering of new sensory experience.

Service, Exquisite


Planning a unique creative force to strengthen the integration of hardware and software advantages theme, the perfect present messaging and creative expression.

Whip, then luster as jade.

拂過 便璘璘波光



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